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The required uniform items for all Band students

(Band includes instrument and colorguard)



Items provided by school for purchase or loan                                   Items provided by school not for purchase

Black band T-shirt                                                                            Marching Uniform

Grey band T-shirt                                                                             Shako

Band jacket (when purchased has students name)                              Barret

Band shoes (middle school ones may be used)                                    Jazz Shirt

Band gloves                                                                                     Jazz Tie

Colorguard body suit                                                                        Concert Uniform

Colorguard shoes

Colorguard socks

Colorguard briefs

Colorguard stockings

Colorguard flag silk

Colorguard pole

Boy’s tux shirt (middle school one may be used)

Boy’s bowtie/cummerbund (middle school ones may be used)


Items students with instruments will need but not provided       Items colorguard will need but not provided

Black dickie, chino (no jeans or sweats)                                    Black jazz pants

Black socks (to knee)                                                              Makeup                                                              

Black belt                                                                               Boys white undershirt

Boys white undershirt                                                              Black socks (to knee)

Girls white undershirt (Symphonic girls)

Black 1-2 in pumps (Wind Ensemble girls)

Nude stocking (Wind Ensemble girls)

Plain Black suite (Jazz)


Marching Uniform instrument                                                   Marching Uniform colorguard

Marching Uniform                                                                    Marching Uniform                          

Black shoes                                                                             Guard shoes                     

Black socks (to knee)                                                               Tights

Black band shirt                                                                       Guard socks

Gloves                                                                                    Guard briefs

Shako                                                                                     Body suit


            Black socks (to knee) boys


Hair will need to be cut above ear and collar or long enough to put in a neat bun.



Concert Uniform Girls                                                                Concert Uniform Boys

WIND ENSEMBLE:                                                                     WIND ENSEMBLE:

Dress                                                                                       jacket

Black 1-2 inch pump                                                                  Tux pants

Nude Stocking                                                                          Tux shirt

                                                                                               White undershirt


                                                                                               Black socks

                                                                                               Band shoes


SYMPHONIC:                                                                           SYMPHONIC:

Skirt & blouse                                                                          Tux pants

Black socks (to knee)                                                               Tux shirt

Band shoes                                                                              White undershirt


                                                                                               Black socks (to knee)

                                                                                               Band shoes


Jazz Uniform

Plain black suit

Jazz shirt

Jazz tie

Black socks (to the knee)

Band shoes



Rainy Day Uniform instrument students                                          Rainy Day Uniform colorguard

(When worn will be determined by Band Director)                           (When worn will be determined by Band Director)

Band Jacket                                                                                 Band jacket

Black band shirt                                                                            Black band shirt

Black pants dickie, chino (no jeans or sweats)                                 Black jazz pants

Black belt                                                                                     Black socks

Black socks                                                                                  Guard shoes

Band shoes                                                                                                        


Review Day Uniform for all Band when not competing

Band jacket

Grey band shirt

School dress code approved pants, short