2019-2020 Booster Board

          Band Director                     President              Vice-President            Treasurer
          Patrick Martin             Catherine Bermudez   Brian Haywood         Denise Rigler
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             Secretary         Personnel/Volunteers     Uniform Manager     New Student Rep.
          Jennifer Lusk                Lynn Friel                    Ruby Leal          Jimmie Pagsolingan
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The Staff 


        Patrick Martin                         Aki Ross                            Kayla Ford                            Zac Clay
        Band Director               Assist. Band Director     Color Guard/Winter guard              Drum line                        


     Ayden Bradley                               Bob Nadler                      Band Leadership 2019-2020                               Percussion Director

Fundraising/Leader Positions 2019-2020
Golf Tournament -
Jazz & Crab Chair -
Benicia Bay Winter Review Chairs -

Classic Car Show Chair -
Infineon Raceway -
Cal Games -
Booster Wear -
 Review Head Chaperone -
Equipment Manager -
Hydration Manager -
Hospitality -

Jimmie Pagsolingan/Brian Haywood
Becky Haywood (beckyhaywood98@gmail.com)
Anne Hahn-Smith (ahahnsmith@gmail.com)
Rachelle Iñiguez
Wilmer Awayan/Brian Haywood/Ruby Leal 
John Ham 
Monica Gomez (macgomez@gmail.com)
Anna Campbell (annatcampbell@att.net)
Anne Hahn-smith (ahahnsmith@gmail.com)
Rob Bernard (robby11@sbcglobal.net)
Jennifer Lusk (jenl314@yahoo.com)
Gina Cavallini and Valerie Miramontes