Band Camp 2021

About Band Camp

Band season kicked off with Band Camp, which took place over three consecutive weekends: August 28–29, September 4–5, and September 11–12

Band Camp is an exciting time for our students, and they work very hard each day. They learn marching techniques as well as the music for the march, and they learn rock charts that are played at a variety of school events.

Band Camp is essential, fun, and memorable. This is when our students get to know one another and begin to build trust and accountability with each other and with the band as a whole.


Band Camp is also when the Booster Board gather Uniform and Booster Wear orders and collect Band Program Donations.

Uniform fittings occur during Band Camp, and Boosters pitch in to complete this essential process.


Forms that will be collected during Band Camp:

  • Student Medical Release Form: This is required for your student to participate in band camp and all band-related activities through the year.

  • Uniform Fitting & Donation Form: Filled out and with payment for uniforms and any donations. Complete the three-part form. You will be given a copy for your records.

  • Student and Family Contact Information.

  • Volunteer Registration and LiveScan forms: Provided by the Benicia Unified School District. For information, contact Nancy Hammon, Boosters Personnel Manager.